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I’m also… a beach running lover, Staffie adorer, interiors addict, early morning person, long black drinker, real crime podcast addict, meditator in learning, half English half Aussie, believer in making the most of this one short life.



I didn’t have enough clients to pay my mortgage (let alone give myself a wage) - but I knew I would do whatever it would take to make it work.

My gut was screaming out that there was more for me to experience than my 9 to 5.

I had a great job, I was paid well, and my colleagues had become my friends - couldn’t I just be grateful for it?

But then my dear Pop became sick and went into hospital: I wanted to be there for him and spend time with him.

My dad died when I was 13 - I didn’t want to wish I had more time with my Pop too.

I had a small list of my own clients who had found me through the social media I was running for my employer - and my own blog.

At the time I was managing their work at night after my “real” job finished - and I just LOVED the feeling of really being able to help these businesses find their own confidence and voice online.

So I did the “smart thing” on advice from my mum and visited her financial planner.

It become pretty obvious fast that on paper my numbers didn’t look too good.

But the financial planner told me "don’t tell your mum - but I have a feeling you’ll make it work anyway”.

So I asked my boss if I could go part time.

I was met with a flat out no. I wasn’t expecting that.

But it cemented it for me. The next day I handed in my resignation.

It was time to take the leap and give this “working for myself” thing a go.

To have the freedom and flexibility to be there for my family, to really feel like as though I am making a difference and helping others through my work, and creating something of my “own”. That’s what drives me.

And I know it’s the same for so many of the amazing people I am fortunate to work with.

Today, I spend my days teaching businesses how to build their tribe of loyal, paying customers on social media, writing my award-winning blog getinmyhome.com, and speaking and presenting.

I have a Master of Communications degree from RMIT (with a thesis on social media), have studied a 12 month business course, and worked with hundreds of clients over the years, from start ups, to Universities, to ASX listed companies.

After growing up in Oxford in the UK, and then Ballarat, Victoria, I am now based in Melbourne. 

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