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My mum still can’t believe I work with technology for a living.

As a total techno-phobe (noun: a person who fears, dislikes, or avoids new technology), it took me studying a Master of Communications to work out how to open up an Apple Mac.

That’s not to say I figured it all right away. In fact, it took me two attempts at starting (and closing!) an Instagram account to finally stick with it, after believing Instagram “wasn’t for me”, before I went on to be named one of the top interiors accounts to follow in Australia by Domain.

But the thing is, it’s never been the technology, the devices, or the apps that’s interested me. It’s been seeing what using social media in the right way can help us achieve.

I was the girl who saw her Pop in hospital and wanted the freedom to spend time with him, even if it was a “work day”.

Who couldn’t ignore that those first few clients of her own lit her up in a way no other job had (no matter how well they paid).

The girl who had a great job, and walked away with the belief there was something more, even if she didn’t know exactly what that looked like.

The girl who after more fails than she’d like to admit, went on to build a successful brand and business as a blogger, presenter and marketing mentor, helping hundreds of women to find success following their “what if…”.



Emily Osmond is the creator of the popular Australian interiors blog,, for which she was named in Domain’s “Ten of the best interior design accounts you need to follow on Instagram”.

Alongside her blog, Emily teaches women how to grow their tribe and their sales using Instagram, inside her online education community, The Modern Marketing Collective, along with on her weekly podcast, The Emily Osmond Show.

Emily has a Master of Communications (with a thesis on social media) and after growing up England, then moving to regional Victoria, she is now based in Melbourne.

She’s obsessed with F45, crime podcasts, peanut butter and Staffies.

Discover Emily’s free Instagram resources at and connect with her on Instagram @emilyosmond.


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