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I spend my days teaching small business owners how to attract and grow their tribe online.

… along with writing my award-winning blog, and speaking and presenting.

I have a Master of Communications degree from RMIT (with a thesis on social media), have studied a 12 month business course, and worked with hundreds of clients over the years, from start ups, to Universities, to ASX listed companies.

After growing up in Oxford in the UK, and then Ballarat, Victoria, I am now based in Melbourne. 

I’m also a beach run lover, long black drinker, crime podcast addict, and a believer in making the most of this one short life.



I posted a couple of times, got a few followers (thanks friends and family!) and then... I gave up.

I shut down the account. It felt way too hard. I even told myself Instagram wasn't for me.

I was so confused about it [and that's back in the day when all you could do on Instagram was post a photo and like or comment . Stories and all the new features were years away yet!].

But over the next few years, as my work become more heavily focused on Instagram, I tested different strategies with my clients.

Some went off like frogs in socks - and some simply didn't.

And I started realising what worked to help grow my clients' businesses from Instagram (even though not long before I was wondering if it was actually possible).

(Here's baby faced blogger me in the local paper back in 2012 talking about online marketing!)

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I realised that as much as I hated to admit it, I actually liked this little app I once felt intimidated by.

I recognised the system that attracts the right amazing tribe to a business, and that nurtures and turns that tribe into customers - without churning hours or dollars each week - or doing anything that's not authentic to you.

And when that overwhelm and intimidation faded away: Instagram started feeling FUN.

So feeling a bit nervous about committing to it again, I started up @getinmyhome for a second time.

But this time it was different.

I actually knew what I was doing.

I had a system to follow.

And after one year, without putting in hours a week or spending big bucks on ads, I attracted an amazing tribe of 10,000 interiors lovers - and I was even named by Domain in the Top 10 Interiors Instagrammers in Australia! 

So now, along with running my interiors blog, where I feature chic Australian homes and the women behind them who are often business owners themselves, working with brands on content partnerships and presenting and hosting, I mentor women in marketing themselves, specifically through Instagram.

If you haven’t already - check out my freebies to get a taste of working with me.

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