In 2015, I walked away from what most would consider a dream job.

I was managing the digital marketing for a tourism body, where I got to cuddle koalas, go back stage to events and earn a great wage.

But my dear Pop was sick in hospital, and when dashing to visit him in my lunchbreak one day, while stressing about getting back to my desk in time, I knew something had to change.

At the time, my evenings had started to fill up with work for clients who had approached me after seeing the results I was achieving for my employer. 

And I LOVED working with these business owners.

So - with a belief that anything was possible, I handed in my resignation and set about creating my own version of a dream job.

And it wasn't easy, there were many highs and lows, and I learnt a lot along the way.

But by the end of my first year in business, I managed to make more than I had in my full time job. I put on workshops, which sold out, and I was asked to speak at events and run private training sessions for organisations.


One of the most powerful ways I have grown my business to date is through Instagram - and the strategies that can be applied beyond it.

In fact, I grew the Instagram for my blog from scratch to 10,000 followers in a little over a year.

Today, my mission is to help other business owners create the impact they truly want through these strategies.

And it's such an honour to see them have their own "wins" as their confidence grows along with their results.

So if you haven’t already, join me over on Instagram @emilyosmond.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Emily Osmond

Emily Osmond. Credit- Jo O'Kelly (medium res).jpg

The "official" bio

Emily Osmond helps business owners to become modern marketers so they can build a community, become known as the go-to in their field and create a bigger impact, on their terms.

She has a Master of Communications degree from RMIT (her thesis on social media), studied business, and has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, from start ups, to ASX listed companies, to Universities.

You can also find her at her award-winning blog, which has been featured in Pop Sugar, Domain, Domino Magazine and more. She is also a presenter and host for Australia's number one home builder, Metricon.

After growing up in Oxford in the UK, and then Ballarat, Victoria, Emily is now based in Melbourne.