I love the shift that's happening in marketing.

Podcasters seriously laying it all out and being extremely honest about their challenges, fears and weaknesses.

Bloggers sharing the 'not so pretty' and the 'real', which would never have made it 'out there' in public in the past.

Business owners in general more openly sharing their journey - without it always having a 'happy ending' like we're used to hearing.

You know what I see this shift as?


Saying, "actually I don't need to hide this or be embarrassed by this".

And embracing the learnings, the things that didn't go to plan, the things that aren't so picture perfect.

In fact, one of the trends identified by Later of this year so far is Instagram influencers showing their unedited photo alongside their perfectly edited photo; breaking down that idea of perfection and instead making us privy to the reality.

Perfection is being quashed by honesty.

So my task for us is this:

How can we be a little more brave in our marketing?

No one feels a sense of connection to a business that just shares 'vanilla', safe, predictable content.

We build TRUE community when we open - open up to letting people in a little, to showing that we're not perfect (no one is of course!), and sharing the learnings that we've had.

Be brave! That's where the magic happens.