Do this one thing if you want to grow your Instagram community

Can you guess the most common thing I get asked for help about Instagram is? To help people build their followers.

It's such a funny world.

Followers (and the number of them)  have such influence.

I won't deny that.

As soon as my Instagram for my blog ticks over 10,000 followers, I know even more opportunities will come about.

But these opportunities will come from brands and PR agencies that measure empty metrics.

Because without these 10,000+ followers actually ENGAGING with our content, it means very little for their businesses.

Just like if you run a store and have 100,000 followers, but barely anyone commenting that they love that top and have to get it, you're not going to get the sales.

And I won't lie, engagement can be bloody hard to get!

So let me share some tips with you.

If you do nothing else, my number one tip to build your Instagram community (followers AND engagement) is to:

Actually spend TIME on Instagram.

This means not JUST being on Instagram to post.

Or to scroll.

But being SOCIAL.

Genuinely engaging with others' content. Liking, following, commenting.

You have to play the long game of showing up on Instagram to build your community.

Yes it takes work and it's slow.

But the more time on Instagram you spend being social, the more your audience will grow.

Let me share a few bonus tips with you to help you on your way!

  • Partner with brands who have the same audience as you to run a giveaway - with entrants needing to follow both of your accounts to be eligible to win

  • Invest in better content like professional photography

  • Make sure your feed of images looks consistent and slick to give the best first impression when people land on your account

  • Communicate your brand personality in your bio so you stand out

  • Make the most of your stats - post when most of your community are active

  • RESPOND to comments - and as fast as you can. Instagram will rank your post higher in the feed if it gets more comments soon after being posted

  • Use all 30 hashtags. Each of them will give you extra reach. Pop them in your first comment so they don't take away from your caption.

Any questions on the above? Pop them in the comments below!