5 Ways to Know Your Followers Better


Whether we are starting our business or well into the business game, we should always be working to better know our audience.

It can seem tricky sometimes - especially when they are on the other side of the screen and there’s not much in person contact.

But there are some key techniques to learn about your social media followers - so you can serve them better.

Let’s take a look!

1. Pay attention to language

I want you to look at the way your audience describe their needs, challenges, desires and beliefs. Search in relevant Facebook Groups for key terms relating to your business and see what comes up; survey your audience; take note of comments and questions you get asked.

The phrases, words and language you find will show you how your audience articulate their experience and reality in relation to what you have to offer. So start using their language to speak to them - rather than your own!

2. Conversation is Queen

Be interested and get to know your audience. Your marketing is a two way conversation - not a one way push from you. Your marketing should help you understand your audience as much as it helps them understand what you have to offer. Ask questions and listen to the answers. And social media is GOLD for allowing us to do this! Don’t ignore or just “like” interaction - be part of the conversation!

3. Know your Stats

Your insights / analytics from your social media show you what your audience love - and what they aren’t so interested in. Use these insights to give your audience MORE of what they want - and consider how aligned you can make your offerings with their desires too. Because the audience’s attention will lead the way…

4. Follow the Online Footprint

Take a look at your followers’ activities online - what other pages / profiles to they like and follow? What events do they attend, or what Groups are they part of? Figure out their interests, values and behaviour - then use this knowledge to serve your audience wherever they hang out.

5. Go Direct

Bring surveys into your social media marketing - for your wider audience and your clients. Learn about what made them buy - or not buy - from you, and how they articulate their challenges and desires. Ask open ended questions and see which responses come up again and again. Then go back to number 1: Pay attention to language and repeat!

Which one of these strategies will you start with to get to know your audience better?

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