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5 Ways to Know Your Followers Better

Whether we are starting our business or well into the business game, we should always be working to better know our audience.

It can seem tricky sometimes - especially when they are on the other side of the screen and there’s not much in person contact.

But there are some key techniques to learn about your social media followers - so you can serve them better.

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15 Places to Find Fresh Content Ideas

Content Marketing is Queen. It's the way to serve your audience through original, strategic and regular content, position yourself as an expert, and allow your audience to connect with you. Then, when it comes time for your audience to need what you have to offer, you are the obvious choice. But what happens when you just have no idea about what to post?!

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I love the shift that's happening in marketing. Podcasters seriously laying it all out and being extremely honest about their challenges, fears and weaknesses. Bloggers sharing the 'not so pretty' and the 'real', which would never have made it 'out there' in public in the past

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