How to feel WAY better Instagramming - and get results

Don't you think that it's easy to passively consume content on Instagram?

But it can often leave us feeling empty - not to mention the comparison-itis?

So today I'm sharing a challenge with you to help you feel a whole lot more positive on Instagram, while being strategic at the same time (my favourite combination!)

The feel-good part

It's easy to forget that behind the profiles and pretty pics are real people with their own vulnerabilities sharing their stories, their work and their lives.

We can scroll, scroll, scroll but how often do we give a little back to the accounts we love to follow?

SO, let's give some love and let the people we follow on Instagram know that we see them and we value what they are sharing.

The strategic part

Did you know that the more active you are across the whole of Instagram (Stories, messages, responding to comments), the more Instagram will prioritise your content?

SO, my challenge for all of us is to:

  1. REPLY to Instagram Stories when you enjoy them rather than just swiping through to the next story.

  2. WRITE A COMMENT on a post from someone else to let them know you love their content.

Do this regularly and I have a sneaking suspicious that you will not only feel more positive about using Instagram but ALSO benefit from the flow on effect of more genuine engagement on your content.

You might even make some new 'real life' friends too!