How to stop worrying what they think (and show up online)

Putting ourselves “out there” online can be terrifying.

Sometimes, I can’t help but feel awkward what my family and friends are thinking when they see me online - and I know I’m not alone:

In my Instagram Story Poll yesterday, a whopping 89% of people agreed this was one of their biggest roadblocks.

For some, being new to marketing is really quite intimidating. 

For others, it’s the fear of getting something wrong (nope - you can’t break Instagram!), or make a fool of themselves.

But let’s look at this another way….

If you truly have a product, service or offer that can help people (which I know you do!) - don't they deserve to find out about it?

Who are you not to put yourself out there online?

Because you know what?!

Marketing isn't actually about YOU. It's about your tribe and connecting with them.

And that's not going to happen if you whisper quietly from behind your hang ups and fears.

And it’s not going to happen if you play small, not wanting to make waves, offend people, or stand out.

No: you’re not going to look or sound like anyone else, even though sometimes you really wish you did.

But that’s the BEAUTY of it I promise you!

We are all different and your tribe will fall in love with YOU: your quirks, your silly stuff ups and your uniqueness.

But they’ve got to first SEE you.

Let go of the imperfection, step into that vulnerability, feel that adrenalin and show yourself online!

Because you’ll never look back wishing you didn’t - only that you had started earlier.

And once you start? You’ll find it’s actually not so bad, and who knows, maybe you’ll actually start to enjoy it…

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