International Women's Day with The Modern Marketing Collective

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WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? Because no matter what you tell yourself or let others make you believe - you have achieved so much. It's time to own it.

This is what I asked my incredible members inside The Modern Marketing Collective. This International Women's Day, I am featuring the women who inspire me every day and celebrating THEIR achievements.

In the words of IWD:

"IWD provides an important moment to showcase commitment to women's equality, launch new initiatives and action, celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness, highlight gender parity gains and more."

So here’s what a few of my inspiring and brave members shared:

@jessworrallphotography: I think I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve stepped well outside my comfort zone this past year with my marketing efforts – getting more comfortable selling myself (and knowing my worth) and putting myself out there on social media (especially in relation to doing IG videos which a year ago was literally my worst nightmare!).

@georgiacamden: I’m proud that I never give up, I keep pushing, creating, sharing, with the belief that one day I will make it in my field. 

@wellsome_jemalee: Being part of the world wide women's femininity health movement to normalise Period Talk! ❤️

@the_mothering: I’m just proud that I have started! Although I’m a way off this being a ‘actual’ business I’m loving that the wheels are now in motion!


I am proud for not letting a situation define me. 18 months ago I became the sole carer to my daughter. My business, Mary & Peg was in its second year and I was living in a new community, away from family. I choose to be brave.

This decision has seen the pass 18 months filled with more love, joy, messes, challenges, learning and self belief than ever before. I am proud of the mother I am, my beautiful daughter and the person she is becoming. I am proud of how Mary & Peg is evolving, going online and having strong products that I believe in.

@theroamingatelier: I feel so proud of growing and moving forward with life in general and business in particular. My husband And I have just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last week so it has been a time of reflection on all levels. So yes, starting a business in my mid 40s, being willing to learn, to grow, to reach out to new people, to be putting myself out there in a very competitive environment while savouring the whole journey have been my biggest achievements of the last couple of years.

@thehealthychiro: My biggest achievement has been moving interstate away from family and friends to start a new business 💕💕.

@thetruestyou: My achievement would be celebrating one year in business and all the learnings, personal growth, connections and opportunities that have happened along the way.

@bodybegood: My biggest win from a work perspective this year has been expanding to add a second studio space to my Pilates business. It was a pretty big step, but we can offer more classes, more education, and more Physio services to our lovely clients in Ballarat 🤗.


One of my proudest achievements has been transitioning from 20+ years working in various Marcoms roles in the Corporate world to launching my own business.

Not only did I just launch my own business, I followed my passion and entered a totally new arena, Property & Home Styling. Juggling the work that goes into establishing a new business on your own, family, home and my husbands demanding IT role, I won't lie, has been and continues to be overwhelming at times, very overwhelming, but we make a pretty good team and continue to fine tune our organised chaos and support one another as best we can. I planted the seed when my daughter was 12 months old and my son was entering his HSC year, Year 12, his final year of high school. What a year I chose to kick start Harmonia At Home 😂 Good things do not come easily, so I am confident the hard work will pay off and am excited to see what comes of it.

@bethanyalice_fashiondesign: I think the biggest achievement I've had in my business is the fact that I am just doing it!! I am living my dream of making beautiful things for beautiful women everyday and even better I'm getting paid to do it. I have to pinch myself every now and then to make sure it's real.

@fuelled_by_food: My biggest win is also my biggest fear 🙃 I’m proud that I have taken the leap & put myself out there on Instagram (thank you Emily & TMMC) - 2019 is all about backing myself & saying ‘yes’ to the things that come my way.

@uplifttherapy: Going from starting uplift in July to having a team of 6 therapists within 8 months and loving every minute.

@louiseshalders: Right now I am most proud of my 5 beautiful children, who are now officially adults and taking on the world 💖.

@mamas.angels: I think one of my biggest achievements was starting my own unique business and the personal growth with myself and social media has been huge. My five star reviews from the new mums is also a highlight and a great confidence booster. There is nothing better than to nurture and pamper the new mamas during their stay in hospital. Its really been a dream 🌸.

@be_inyourelement: To be honest, in 2014 I was almost done with the fitness industry. I wasn’t entirely confident in myself as a fitness professional – because I felt like I didn’t really fit the “mould.”

Thankfully, there was a little fire burning in my soul suggesting that I was actually a-okay, and maybe, just maybe, the “mould” was wrong.

I started In Your Element with a little bit of reckless abandon. I knew I wanted to focus on women. I knew I wanted to focus on mums with young children. And I knew that I didn’t want to associate my fitness sessions with the weight loss industry.  But other than that I didn’t really have a business plan; just run some classes, focus on the feel good vibes of exercise and hope that people turn up.

Fast forward to four years later - my group sessions are solid with repeat customers and a steady stream of newcomers and I am fully booked for 1:1 Personal Training. Most importantly, I feel like I am making a positive contribution to the fitness industry (and, by golly, maybe even society in general) by encouraging people to engage in any sort of physical activity regardless of age, body shape or size, or fitness level. And now, I’m working on a project to enhance the perception of health and wellbeing for the next generation of young females… stay tuned!

@atelierfleurau: My biggest achievement would be taking the risk to quit my day job to pursue my daydream! My most recent "win" is signing the lease to my very own little flower shop in St Kilda!

@working_mumma_au: I’m proud that I have decided after about 6 months of deliberating I have followed my gut and started a community for working mothers so they can feel inspired & supported. Then after only having the community live for a month I had a feeling I couldn’t shake and that was to do an event for IWD and I’m hosting an event on Friday 😀.

@revitalisephysio_ballarat: Creating a beautiful physiotherapy & pilates studio - an empowering and positive environment, a personalised and quality experience for patients, a caring and supportive community and a happy and nurturing culture. It’s all of this and more! 🌿😊.

@beingbhavnaofficial: That I finally see that it’s taken 3 redundancies (100% record in Australia) to tell me that it’s truly me that I want to work for, and how good at it I really am! I’m proud that I’ve now fallen in love with my purpose!

Wow - I’m sure you’ll agree that reading these achievements - and these women taking risks, backing themselves and following their gut - gives you shivers too.

So what can you do? Own your achievements. Back yourself. Trust your gut. And follow these women to cheer them on! #IWD2019