How to spend less time on social media & make MORE IMPACT

Often people will tell me that they find Instagram overwhelming and that it takes too much time.

I hear you!

Social media certainly can be a time sucker you’re spending hours doing the wrong things, or in the wrong way.

But it doesn't have like that!

So I’m sharing 3 simple but powerful shifts to make to turn your social media efforts from overwhelm into impact!


Take note of what you are actually doing when you're on social media - could it be that a fair chunk of your time is passive rather than actively engaging with others? Passively scrolling ain't gonna grow your biz! Get tactical, understand the actions that actually drive results (I'm going to guess that is building genuine relationships, and talking about your offers), and then stop doing the rest!


Stop sharing content without any meaning. Stop using social media to tick a box. And instead be MORE strategic with every single post. Because winning today on social media isn't about quantity. Less content, created with purpose.

In fact here’s what one of my students shared about this approach I teach just this week: 



Don't reply to every message or comment in real time. ESPECIALLY if you are someone who gets overwhelmed (aka 90% of us!). Turn your notifications off, resist the temptation to always check your phone, and instead commit dedicated time to efficiently manage your comments and DM's in one go. So much more efficient.

Have you implemented one of these strategies to help manage your time spent and impact made on social media?! If not, make a start today.

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