The number one mistake I see business owners making on Instagram

Let me be brutally honest with you: there is no point using Instagram, or any form of marketing for that matter, if you are not clear about why you are doing it.

The BIGGEST mistake that I see business owners making on Instagram is not having a reason (or a purpose) behind what they are sharing. 

Let's not add to the noise - we all know there is plenty of that out there (I even wrote a post about the overwhelm). And instead, let's add value.

Let's be a voice not an echo.

I’m on a mission to have us all #postwithpurpose because that’s how we connect with others, build real relationships and ultimately get results for our business. I don’t want us wasting our precious time doing things that aren’t going to get us there.

It's a myth that we must be on Instagram all the time.

Or post every day or multiple times each day.

In the year that I started my @getinmyhome account and grew it from 0 to 10,000 followers, I only posted on average three times each week. 

Less than you might expect right?!

That's because more is not better: intention is the most important thing.

So how can we post with purpose?

Well you're in luck! Here's my formula to help service-based business owners to build their relationships, authority and business with Instagram.

Your posts should fall into one of these categories:

  1. Value - posts that help, entertain or inspire your audience. Give them what they love! Engage and delight your audience. Build your community

  2. Connection - posts that share YOU and your story, the "why" behind the business, or that hero your patients/clients/customers. Build brand loyalty.

  3. Conversion - posts that are explicit about WHAT you do, and HOW people can work with you. This is your permission to actually invite people to buy from you / work with you. Build your business.

So next time, before you share something - ask yourself "what is my purpose behind this post?".

Did this resonate? Send me a message on Instagram or leave a comment below. I would love to connect with you.