Why I'm closing my free Facebook group

You might be surprised to know - having read the title of this post - that running my free Facebook group for the past two years has been one of the best things I've done for my business yet.

When I started 'The Modern Marketing Mission' Facebook group in June 2016, I wanted a way to share updates from the marketing world and tips - and bring together the different people I was meeting and working with: my community. 

Since then, without too much in the way of promoting it - apart from an occasional reminder in my email newsletter and on social media, the group has grown to 700 people from across 10 countries: Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and Austria. 

And it has been such a joy to run!

We settled into a routine of me sharing ONE actionable tip for my members to implement in their marketing each week, plus regular wrap ups of the essential social media updates for us to be cognisant of as business owners. And the feedback I've received has been seriously lovely!


And at the time, running this Facebook group was the best way I could help people at scale. Running Good Media, we were booked out with one on one clients, and turning away most people who came to us for help with their brand strategy and design, content strategy and private social media trainings. This was a great position to be in of course! But as the time passed, I realised that the way I was working wasn't right for me: I wanted to play a bigger game and help more people.

I also realised that managing projects and people wasn't the BEST work for me: I wanted to be teaching, coaching, helping, supporting, because that is the work that seriously excites and fulfils me.

So it is time for some changes. 

And closing my free Facebook group is one of these.

With my reduction of project work, I now have the capacity (and feel such a calling) to fully invest in my community through education, support and guidance. And now, I can pour into these people MORE than I ever could in my free Facebook group.

So, rather than run a free Facebook group, where I know 10% of people in there love what they are getting out of it, and the other 90% probably forget why they joined in the first place (let's be honest, there are SO many free Facebook groups out there, it happens!), I want to create a more intentional space.

I also want to build on offering just a Facebook group to also include more premium trainings - with how-to videos, done-for-you resources and actionable worksheets to help my community easily get on top on their marketing - and stay there; a place that they can visit anytime they need some inspiration, motivation, education and support.

SO - with that said, I'm really thrilled to share that as of July 2018, I'm offering a new community: The Modern Marketing Collective.

This is a space where you will receive my BEST work: the tips, strategies and updates from the fast-paced modern marketing world that I believe matter to us as service-based business owners. 

We'll be working through regular trainings, live Q&A calls where you can get your questions answered from me, a beautiful online hub with all your trainings (which you can access at any time), plus giveaways, challenges and surprises!

To those who have been part of The Modern Marketing Mission - THANK YOU! I'll be archiving the group in a few weeks' time so I can put all of my focus on supporting the members in The Modern Marketing Collective. And to those who are joining me - I can't wait... it's going to be fun!

Thank you, as always, for being here, 

Emily x