Corporate Instagram Strategy & Training

If you’re ready to go from old school marketing and poor return on investment from your social media, to building an engaged audience who drive up your revenue, then my Corporate Instagram Strategy and Training packages are the solution for you.


The Framework

Using my proven framework, The Modern Marketing System, we’ll audit your existing Instagram Marketing and develop a solid strategy to move your business forward covering:


Say "goodbye" to the outdated marketing approach and create a solid strategy based on your business goals as the foundation for your business success. We’ll cover:

  • Creating a clear vision for your business

  • Setting measurable business goals

  • Creating a Content Strategy based on your goals.


You're ready to get clear on who exactly your target customer is and start attracting them through magnetic messaging. We’ll cover:

  • Creating your company’s customer avatar for social media

  • Crafting your key magnetic messages to attract them

  • Setting up your Instagram Profile, Aesthetic and Hashtags to attract your ideal client.


It's time for your company to start showing up online, sharing stories that connect more deeply with your tribe. We’ll cover:

  • Refining your company’s Brand Story

  • Using the Story Framework to create content for high engagement

  • Integrating Instagram Stories, Lives and IGTV to your marketing strategy.


Let's put your compelling content to work in a consistent way and start driving growth of your company’s key money maker: its email database. We’ll cover:

  • Your multi-channel core content strategy

  • Your email marketing strategy

  • Your email list growth strategies.


Now it’s time to to roll out your sales system to drive sales from your social media, with less effort and bigger results. We’ll cover:

  • Creating an Irresistible Offer

  • Structuring your Sales Sequence

  • Turning this on autopilot.


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