The Collective Breakfast


The Experience

Give yourself two hours out of your day to be nurtured, uplifted and inspired while connecting in person with your fellow Collective members.


“She surrounds herself with women who lift her up…”

The morning will start with mingling, followed by a welcome from me (Emily!), and a short introduction from everyone (that’s you!) to the group so you can put a real life face to the names and photos you have seen in our Facebook Group!

Following this, you will enjoy a beautiful healthy (and very Instagram-able!) breakfast where we can get to know each even more, sharing a tale or two along the way!

Learn the morning feeling a deeper sense of connection to others on this journey with you, new friendships formed and inspiration hearing about other business owners.

Because I believe you just can’t beat that feeling of being surrounded by like minded women.


The Venue

We have exclusive access to Melbourne’s Utopia Place, which is designed around happiness.

“We provide a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives. As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform. Our ethos is based around eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best”.


The Menu

The hardest decision you’ll have to make is… Positive Pancakes or Smiling Avocado?!



Our green banana resistant starch made from lady finger bananas harnesses the highest nutritional and resistant starch in the world. Rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and bio-actives.

House-made organic banana flour pancakes made from grinding dehydrated Australian bananas into flour. Served with a blueberry & raspberry coulis, coconut yogurt, toasted sliced almonds & topped with our house-made all-natural banana nice-cream.

Vegan & Gluten Free



Our superseed mix has generous amounts of vitamin E, plant-based omega-3 fats and minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.

Smashed avocado, served with smashed pea & mint puree, cherry tomatoes, feta, freshly shaved baby beetroot and toasted superseed mix. Served on toasted sprouted loaf & topped with fresh chilli.

Vegan & Gluten Free

The Details

DATE & TIME: 9am to 11am on Sunday 11th August 2019

LOCATION: Utopia Place at Serotonin Eatery, 52 Madden Grove, Burnley VIC 3121

PARKING: Free parking available along the nearby streets

FOOD & DRINK: A nourishing brunch of your choice (see above!)