For service-based sole traders & small business owners

I believe that success in marketing - and business - comes from learning and implementing the things that actually matter - and tuning out the rest of the noise.

Do you:

  • Feel exhausted trying to stay on top of everything? Or stuck trying to figure out exactly what to focus on?
  • Find yourself watching endless videos, or reading blog post after blog post, or downloading everyone's free resources to try "crack" the code and find out the "secret" to market yourself - with none of it really helping solve your problem?
  • Really yearn to build your business, create your own community and play a bigger game and do so without feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or like you're getting left behind when it comes to your marketing?

Would you love to:

  • Have a beautiful, curated hub of up-to-date marketing resources at your fingertips - so you don't have to go Googling when you need to learn something new?
  • Be able to get your marketing questions answered and receive that valuable feedback - without having to invest in a marketing consultant each time?
  • Be part of a private community of fellow like-minded business owners - all positive, proactive and supportive - really appeal to you?

After working with hundreds of small business owners during the last three and a half years, I'm now creating the space where I believe I can best support you to: 

Equip yourself with the on-going knowledge and tools you need to market your business in a modern and meaningful way.

A space filled with resources, education, inspiration and lots of fun...