The Modern Marketing Collective

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The space for women to confidently grow their tribe & business online.



Many small business owners struggle to know where to focus and what to listen to.


They often end up trying lots of “things” - none of them actually driving attracting new customers - or they find themselves paralysed, unable to start.

With Instagram growing 5x faster than any social media platform, and 70% of users actively search for businesses every day, small businesses have so much to gain from understanding how to use this powerful social media app.

So I created an online community, to provide you with my social media mentoring, that you can access around the clock, all stored in an online hub for you, personal feedback from me for your business AND so much more - for a fraction of the price of my one on one sessions [i.e. from $1 a day!].

Here’s what’s inside…

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01 / My complete Instagram Strategy Training Series!

Learn what actually works when it comes to Instagram for business - plus as you work through each training, I review your work!

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02 / Access to Me for Feedback & Help!

Get my personalised input into your marketing. Rather than waste time feeling unsure - get the answers right away!

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03 / Community of Business Owners

Running our own business can be lonely. Connect with an intimate group of supportive like-minded members from across Australia.

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04 / Monthly Post Ideas

Coming up with ideas of what to post can be hard! Not anymore, with your list of fresh post ideas - and handy reminders what to focus on - EVERY month!

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05 / “Get it done” Challenges

Take part in our monthly challenges with your fellow members as you complete daily tasks to implement what you've learnt and win prizes!

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06 / New Marketing Trainings Every Month!

Working with influencers? Building your own website? Creating a customer avatar? These are some of the training series already added!


The Modern Marketing Collective is all about giving you the skills and confidence to attract and grow your tribe online.

As a member, you will:

  • Feel more confident and clear about your marketing, and less confused, overwhelmed or lost through my simple actionable trainings 

  • Stay up to date with important social media updates - the ones that actually matter

  • Be part of a community of sole traders and small business owners learning together and supporting each other

  • Hear what's working for me - the truths and insights I don't share anywhere else

  • Have fun learning through challenges, giveaways and more!

“Working with you completely changed my mindset. It's almost like my previous weakness is starting to become my strength.”

“Your knowledge is always up to date and I feel like you understand the challenges of running a small business as well as connecting with people on a personal level.”

“Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I feel to lucky to have had access to you, your expertise and creativity.”



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Take a sneak peek inside



Inside The Modern Marketing Collective, I teach the proven strategies I have used to:

✔ Build @getinmyhome to 10,000 Instagram followers in just over 12 months
✔ Be named a Top 10 Instagram Interiors Account in Australia by Domain
✔ Be featured in international publications like Domino, Collective Hub and Pop Sugar

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Who is The Modern Marketing Collective for?

It’s for business owners who are ready to make a change. Those who want to share their mission and attract their tribe. Those who love to learn and take action - and are ready to be challenged and step outside their comfort zone because they realise what they are doing now isn't quite working. It's for those who love to be part of an intimate community. And for those who would love to have a go-to mentor to support them on their journey.

How much time each week do I need?

This isn't a course with a set start and end date that you have to complete the training in or you'll miss out. 

The Modern Marketing Collective is completely self paced, meaning you can work through the trainings in your own time, at a speed that suits you! And it means you can revisit areas you need to or jump into our private Facebook Group to get help on areas you are stuck with. 

What if I fall behind?

There is no "behind" in The Modern Marketing Collective.

I don't expect you to use or watch or read or implement EVERYTHING. (I never do when I join a course or community!). You might miss or skip things and that’s okay. You are here to take what you need at each given time. There is no rush and there is no "behind".

What does my membership give me?

  1. My 3 Step Instagram System that took me from 0-10,000 followers in just over a year - while actually making me sales!

  2. "Five Minute Mondays" - Your weekly actionable trainings inside our Facebook community

  3. Access to new training bundles each month - covering small business marketing topics like PR, creating your own website, working with influencers, and more!

  4. Monthly post ideas to help you know WHAT to post!

  5. Monthly challenges to help you implement and take action!

  6. Our private community inside our Facebook Group where you can ask me questions and get support from myself and your fellow business owners. 

  7. And... an event series launching in 2019 with special member offers!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

That's no problem! You can cancel your subscription any time within the Member Hub.

Will I get access to Emily?

Absolutely! This isn't an online program where the teacher is completely absent. You can reach me in our private Facebook group, where I am every week day answering questions, sharing tips and giving encouragement. I'm here to help!

Can't I just keep learning for free?

Of course. You can keep trying different tips and strategies you hear from friends or online... but I want to ask you: how has the worked for you so far? If you want a proven fast track way then you will love The Modern Marketing Collective and these benefits:

  1. Having a go-to person at your fingertips to ask your marketing questions when you get stuck or need help

  2. A community of fellow small business owners all on this journey with you to bounce ideas off

  3. One place to go for your marketing trainings - forget losing hours in Google ;)

  4. Access to the latest marketing tactics each week summarised for you just a few short minutes so you can get on with growing your business!